Blue Lobster - Seafood and Steak Restaurant


Blue Lobster - Seafood and Steak Restaurant
Blue Lobster Playa del Carmen
Seafood Restaurant - Steak and Lobster House

Blue Lobster was created in Cozumel in 1991 becoming one of the best places to eat fresh lobster and contemporary Mexico cuisine. In July 1996 Blue lobster opens in Playa del Carmen to become a favorite of locals and tourists to enjoy a delicious lobster, fish and seafood
Built with tropical wood, stone slab, thatched roofs and waterfalls that give an extra relaxation touch. We always try to satisfied and exceed our customers’ expectations. Excellent food, polite waiters and a fantastic view of the fifth Avenue will make you spend an unforgettable night.

We have capacity for 130 persons on two levels and an air conditioning area to 22. Blue lobster makes a compromising bet on mexican wine and regional sea dishes that result in a perfect union. They have created perfect unions for their wines’ selection through a very special menu that proposes the perfect combination between their gastronomy and their wines. As three dishes’ menu with different wine suggestions in order to please every palate: reds, whites, roses and foamy wines.