La Fisheria - Seafood Restaurant Playa del Carmen


La Fisheria - Seafood Restaurant Playa del Carmen
La Fisheria - La Fisheria Playa del Carmen
Seafood restaurant
La Fisheria is a restaurant enterprise established and founded in Houston, Texas on February 11, 2011, by Mexican owners and partners. A gastronomic concept that express: flavour, honesty, beaches, México, modernity and sustainable cuisine in a Mexican cuisine style.

The gastronomic experience of La Fisheria is supported in the architectural and interior design style it restaurants with a differentiated atmosphere and decoration expressing in the Caribbean seas, beaches, fish, water and joyfulness experienced in the Mexican beach destinations.
The gastronomic concept of La Fisheria is unique and exceptional, its Mexican Cuisine Style is a pride of tradition and  evolution as ell as its original atmosphere and decoration. 
Chef Aquiles Chávez
Aquiles Chavez considered one of the best chefs in the country , grew up in Tabasco where as he says" it all started" when as a teenager dream to buy an electric guitar, he went to work in the summer of 94 at VIP'S of Villahermosa. It was there that finds his passion for the kitchen and he decided to study and work in this profession .
He moved to DF to study at the Higher School of Gastronomy ( CSG ) from which he graduated as a member of the ninth generation of Lic . In Gastronomy in 2000 also graduated as the valedictorian of his generation.
Today it also serves as tv host of their own tv programs " The Touch of Aquiles" and" Aquilisimo" ; which are transmitted throughout Latin America, where unleashes his sharp sense of humor, and its rich creations in simple language and hassle , plus having made a reality show called " Achilles in Houston" and its program more recent "Moto Chefs" is a journey from Texas to Mexico City on a trip adventure , meeting and gastronomic discovery.
His creative, fun , outgoing and always positive personality , have led to combine his passion for cooking and his love for family , married, with three children who considers his greatest achievements . The Chef has not forgotten his roots and feels proud to be Mexican .