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Sunset World
Sunset World
Our goal to provide quality Mexican vacations is what inspired us to establish our resorts in two of the most naturally beautiful tropical destinations: Cancún and the Riviera Maya- both located in the Mexican Caribbean. Holidays are special occasions and sadly, extremely rare with today’s busy schedules. When the opportunity to take a vacation finally arrives, the long awaited expectations of travelers deserve to be fulfilled. Sunset World aims to meet the expectations of guests, taking care to provide the comfort, convenience and enjoyment they deserve.
Providing unparalleled vacation value embedded in comfort, relaxation, and incomparable service. With natural beauty that would tempt even a seasoned traveler, the Mexican Caribbean is the perfect setting for a world class hotel with comfortable accommodations. Choose from the variety of our diverse resorts and explore the Mexican Caribbean, where nearly everything you’ve dreamed of is possible. With four resorts to choose from, Sunset World offers a variety of experiences provided by one company. Choose from an ocean resort in the throbbing city of Cancún or hide away from the world in the Riviera Maya. The perfect breathtaking views of this tropical paradise are the promise of your dream vacation. With more than 20 years of experience in the hotel business, Sunset World is more than rooms, pools, and beaches. Sunset World is an experience—a moment to create unforgettable memories, and an opportunity to discover paradise. 
Sunset Royal
Resting on the shores of a beautiful white sand beach in Mexico’s Caribbean with charming views of the turquoise blue sea, Sunset Royal offers fine entertainment and activities for the whole family, all throughout the day and well into the evening. Sunset Royal’s privileged location provides convenient access to the best in travel entertainment, nightclubs, restaurants, as well as shopping. The All Inclusive plan gives you the opportunity to enjoy exquisite international gastronomy, premium beverages and activities at both Sunset Royal and Sunset Marina resorts. Ground transportation between our Cancún resorts and hotels, as well as water transportation to and from Sunset Marina, is also provided. 

Sunset Marina Resort & Yacht Club
Sunset Marina is a charming, Mediterranean-style resort, nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Caribbean and Cancún’s hotel zone. It provides a peaceful and relaxing getaway where kids can also enjoy their vacations with areas specially designed just for them. Ground transportation between our Cancún resorts and hotels, as well as water transportation to and from Sunset Royal, means that ocean beach access is just a few minutes away. The on-site marina offers direct access to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean with private yacht expeditions as well as a wide variety of motorized water sports and spectacular diving experiences available just for you. 

Sunset Fishermen Beach Resort, Playa del Carmen
Este lujoso y pacífico resort de descanso está ubicado en el corazón de la hermosa Riviera Maya en un exclusivo residencial privado de Playa del Carmen, el punto de encuentro de viajeros internacionales. Con transportación diaria al centro de Playa del Carmen, los huéspedes tienen acceso total a un sinfín de emocionantes actividades en toda el área o pueden simplemente tomar el sol y nadar en el mar a lo largo de una bella y aislada playa que recorre todo el resort, a solo unos pasos de su habitación. 

Hacienda Tres Ríos
Hacienda Tres Ríos is an environmentally responsible luxury resort that offers exclusive access to the Tres Ríos Nature Park in the Riviera Maya, with the Endless Luxury All Inclusive Plan. Enjoy architecturally acclaimed accommodations, fine dining, world-class Spa services, and dazzling experiences at the exclusive Tres Ríos Nature Park, with tours through mangrove forests, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking along winding rivers, or just unwinding on its tranquil beaches.